The easy-to-handle, surefire solution to help manage hydroponic crops. With a unique structure and low solid volume, Rocket Foam is impossible to overwater or oversaturate.

2% solid by volume

98% cavities by volume

30% air by volume

60% water by volume

What is Rocket Foam?

Rocket Foam Details: It is undeniable that caring for crops and seeing them develop is endlessly rewarding – and vital for an agricultural business to thrive. Maximizing crop production and ensuring the wellbeing of plants is all but easy – especially when using outdated technologies and battling the effects of climate change.

That is where Rocket Foam comes in. This revolutionary substrate takes all the guesswork out of creating the perfect growing environment for plants. Thanks to its neutral pH, perfect air-water ratio, and unprecedented capillary action, Rocket Foam allows effortless delivery of nutrients and oxygen needed to thrive and boost yield.

Rocket Foam: The Revolutionary Substrate To Boost Yield

Nothing about growing crops or caring for plants is left to chance. In turn, many have spent years understanding how to create the best growing environment for each crop – and have been a victim to variables such as low water levels, oversaturation of the substrate, and unexpected climate events.

The precise science and revolutionary design of Rocket Foam eliminates the risk of overwatering your plants, reduces the chances of human error, and prevents inaccurate pH levels – an all-in-one solution for high-yield crops.

How Does Rocket Foam Work?

A Look Into This New Cutting-Edge Technology

The Unparalleled Features of Rocket Foam: What Makes It a One-of-a-Kind Solution for Maximum Crop Yield

Only 2% Solid for Maximum Water and Nutrients Uptake

The Rocket Foam material is only 2% solid, while the remaining 98% is made of cavities. This ratio offers plants the perfect growing environment and promotes the growth of capillary roots – which, in turn, are vital to boost the uptake of water and nutrients throughout the life cycle of the plant.

Perfect Air-Water Ratio for Greater Root Development and Stronger Plants

Over 35% of the Rocket Foam substrate is made by air – something that cannot be compared with any other substrate on the market, which usually offers a maximum of 20-25% of air. The Rocket Foam open cell structure allows for guaranteed oxygen levels throughout the root area, even after heavy watering, which is key to strong root development. 

More Accurate Distribution of Oxygen and Nutrients – Without the Risk of Oversaturation!

It isn’t a secret that plants need warmth, water, air, sunlight, and nutrients to thrive but what has been a secret is how these different factors have to be combined for maximum yield – until Rocket Foam.

With Rocket Foam, there is no worry about oversaturating plants or overwatering your crops. With the internal structure, Rocket Foam will maintain water saturation at 60% while enabling the drainage of excess water.

A Neutral pH To Create the Ideal Growing Environment

Managing the pH level has never been easy – especially when circulating crops or using the same substrate for multiple plants. With the pH-neutral Rocket Foam material, there is no wait to stabilize the pH. Stable 5.5 – 7.0 pH

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Rocket Foam isn’t just highly efficient, it is also 100% biodegradable, made in the USA, and suitable for any crop type. It allows you to start growing your plants with a clean substrate and reduce crop management efforts, allowing focus on maximizing business operations.