Rocket Foam – The perfect substrate that can increase your yield – Rocket Foam is the new hydroponic growing medium for enhanced performance and better crops.

2% solid by volume

98% cavities by volume

30% air by volume

60% water by volume

What is Rocket Foam?

  • Fytocell is an aminoplast resin foam.
  • This results in a light but very stable white spongy pH neutralized substrate.
  • The dry matter content is between 16 and 20 Kg/m3.
  • Produced in the USA. 100% biodegradable.

Take Your Hydroponic Crop to the Next Level With Rocket Foam

Hydroponics isn’t just rewarding – it can also significantly boost the yield of your crop. But they aren’t free of risk! Getting the ratio between water, nutrients, and air right aren’t easy, and a simple mistake can be catastrophic for your entire crop.

Rocket Foam is an easy-to-handle, surefire solution to help you manage your hydroponic crops! Thanks to its unique structure and low solid volume, Rocket Foam is impossible to overwater or oversaturate, while continuously providing your plants with readily-accessible nutrients and oxygen.

Power outage? Not to worry! Rocket Foam acts as a water buffer and drainage system, keeping your plants well-nurtured until your primary system is back up and running!


Perfect Air / Water Ratio for Root Growth

The Rocket Foam structure provides a near-perfect air/water ratio at all times, encouraging the development of a mass of finely branched roots – enabling better uptake of water and essential nutrients. The result is stronger, healthier plants and improved yields.

Scientifically Proven – Air 37% by volume

Oxygen is as vital to healthy root development as water and nutrients. The open cell structure of Rocket Foam ensures good oxygen content throughout the entire depth of the slab or pot of flakes – even when Rocket Foam is saturated. Before Rocket Foam it was very easy to add water to a substrate – but far more difficult to add oxygen!

Easy to Use in Hydroponics

Lightweight and easy to handle; non-prickly. Rocket Foam is impossible to overwater. Rocket Foam provides the plants with easy access to water, so in case of power failure, there is a good water buffer. Rocket Foam has low cation exchange and flushes easily.

Can’t be Beaten

(Great Capillary Action) Great capillary action of Rocket Foam means that water is drawn up to the top of the slab. In uneven surface conditions where either ponding or dryness can occur, Rocket Foam is still able to provide a balanced air/water ratio in both the slab and flake form.

Easy Water Management

Rocket Foam is impossible to over-wet/saturate at a maximum of 60% saturation. Even when the slab or flakes have saturated the structure, Rocket Foam ensures there is sufficient air for healthy root growth. Should Rocket Foam dry out for any reason, re-wetting is simple and

  • flood and drain • dripper irrigate
  • hand water • run to waste or recirculating systems
100% Compostable

Proven in Holland. Rocket Foam is an aminoplast foam. It is harmless to the environment, 100% biodegradable, and compostable, making disposal easier and maintaining the green image.

Sciarid Fly

Grower feedback to date indicates both RocketFlake and RocketBlocks provide a barrier to sciarid fly invasion. Because Rocket Foam is non-fibrous, sciarid flies have difficulty penetrating the Rocket Foam.

Start With A Clean Substrate

Minimize your risk. Rocket Foam is sterile. This gives your young plant the best start to life. Rocket Foam has a starting pH of between 5.5 – 7.0 so there is no need to adjust your pH – just add your nutrient solution.

Ready To Enter the Future of Agriculture?

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Rocket Foam isn’t just highly efficient, it is also 100% biodegradable, made in the USA, and suitable for any crop type. It allows you to start growing your plants with a clean substrate and reduce your crop management efforts so that you can focus on maximizing your business’s operations.