Rocket Foam Grow Bags




What is a Rocket Foam Grow Bag? 

A Rocket Foam Grow Bag is small bag of shredded and saturated Rocket Foam.  Simply open the bag, place the seed or small plant inside, and watch it grow.  Once the roots take and the plant is growing, you may place the plant and Rocket Foam in soils.  

Rocket Foam is 100% biodegradable, organic, made in the USA, and suitable for any plants. Rocket Foam makes even the most novice grower look like a pro.

Rocket Foam is the easy-to-handle, surefire solution to help in all growing endeavors.  With a unique structure and low solid volume, Rocket Foam is impossible to overwater or oversaturate, while continuously providing readily-accessible nutrients and oxygen. Rocket Foam is the best grow medium on the planet.  Order today and see immediate results!

Rocket Foam allows effortless delivery of nutrients and oxygen to any plant.  It provides the PERFECT ratio of oxygen and water and will save up to 50% or more water.  It is 100% biodegradable and organic.



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