Rocket Clones (72ct)


Rocket Clone is specifically made for cloning pH. It is neutralized and proven to reduce this stage of the life cycle, saving time and allowing you to turn your plants faster.


What is Rocket Clone?

Rocket Clones are small blocks of Rocket Foam perfect for starting seeds.  They will arrive fully saturated with water.  Just place the seed inside the clone and water occasionally.

This innovative product is an organic grow medium, resulting in a light but stable substrate that is pH neutralized to grow healthy, strong plants. It also has a dry matter content of between 16 and 20%, making it the perfect balance of moisture and nutrition for your plants.

And because it’s produced in the USA, you can be confident in its quality and safety.

  • Rocket Clones are an organic grow medium.
  • This results in a light but very stable white spongy pH neutralized substrate.
  • Produced in the USA. 100% biodegradable.
  • An earth friendly solution for growing perfect, healthy plants every time. 

Rocket Foam is the perfect clone or seed cube for your plants. This white spongy foam is pH neutralized and made with 100% biodegradable materials, so you can feel good about using it in your garden. It’s also very light and stable, making it easy to transport and set up.  Order Rocket Foam today and give your plants the best chance to thrive.


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